Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Can't Stop Eating so I Started Cooking

Typically, I go through phases with food. Usually, it depends on when I am pms-ing. I eat everything in sight and I allow myself to do so because it tends to be this way for only 4 days out of the month. I work out, I eat healthy the other days of the month, so I allow myself to stuff my face with cheese fries, burritos, pizza, and chocolate. After those 4 days, I go thru yet another phase where I don't feel like eating at all. I don't care about food. I eat because I know I have to and so it all evens out. I don't mean to do this--my body just sort of works this way on its own.
But, lately, I have been in that first phase of eating everything in sight for like a month.
I am never full, never satiated, never satisfied. And, even if I am full, I want to eat more!

I don't know if it's the stress of my life as a nanny (I am starting to get tired of raising other people's kids and washing other people's clothes including the dad's jock strap), tutoring (all but 2 of my students have graduate, so this part of my life is almost nonexistent), and then trying to run a business which has taken far too long to start making money.
Maybe it's all that stuff. I don't know, but since I never feel full and I would have to work out 7 days a week to work off the current amount of calories I am putting into my body, I had to find another solution.
And, no I didn't start sticking my finger down my throat. My Italian grandmother would probably keel over if she found out that I ever purposely got rid of the food she spent hours making...
So, I decided to do something I don't often do. I started cooking. I went to the grocery store and I bought lots of fruit and vegetables and actually opened up that cook book I bought so long ago called "The Hungry Girl."
I don't really enjoy cooking. So, for all of you out there who may be going through a "non-stop eating" phase like me right now or you just want super quick and easy ideas for healthy dishes, the recipes on the next blog are for you...


  1. i go through the same thing when my period is on the horizon. i hate it. i feel so fat ha. and hey! i was a nanny for 4 years. i'm never goin back lol.

    love, little.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am soooo over nannying. I should start blogging more about how much I am over it. I am sick of cleaning someone else's laundry and taking care of someone else's kids! However, I do love the kids...